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Your teams want health insurance that comes with no surprises, no hidden costs & no out-of-pocket expenses. Give them access to great care with Mantracare.


Covid-19 treatment included

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No room rent or disease wise limit

ICU cion

Pre-existing diseases covered


No waiting periods


Maternity & newborn covered

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How it works

Simplified purchase and setup process for your health insurance and benefits

No more negotiations with your broker and agents


Get transparent pricing directly from the insurer

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Customize your insurance and benefits to your needs


Comprehensive health benefits

Go beyond health insurance, and make sure employees get the care they need.
MantraCare works with best-in-class health ecosystem partners.

Doctor consultation

Unlimited virtual and physical doctor consultationsdoctor

Super Top-Up

Add an extra safety net of insurance coverage with Super Top-up plan

MantraCare Wellness

Get personalised wellness plans designed for your team

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Online  Therapy

Therapy  improves employee well-being and promoting better sleepdoctor

Weight Control

Weight management programs specifically focus on healthy weight with a healthy body.

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Physical therapy

Physical therapy programs  alleviate common pains with help of online physical therapist


Several companies have started hypertension programs.

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It’s important to focus on women’s health issues.

Diabetes Reversal

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be cured  doctor

More than 1,000 5-star reviews

I can text my therapist whenever I want to. He is available almost 24/7.
There are tons of stress relieving and coping exercises. They come handy when feeling low.

More than a thousand companies trust Mantracare


If you are looking to buy health insurance, we help you weigh your options and make a better choice. If you’ve already bought one, we have a tool to help you administer and manage your policy. Also, if you just need to talk to someone about insurance, we have the best team to guide you, every step of the way.

We are building Nova to be an unbiased source of information when it comes to Insurance. We do not charge anything from our clients when they buy health insurance

MantraCare is founded by IIT-B and IIT-D alumns, and we value trust and integrity over all else. We are backed by marquee venture investors from the startup ecosystem, and we uphold the reputation our team and investors have built for themselves.

Our claims team has experience of handling more than 10,000 claims, and we help our clients with their expertise at no additional cost. We make sure that your employees have the best claims experience and get the maximum amount approved with our advice

Yes we have an Android and iOS mobile app.

Group health insurance is one of the core pillars of any employee benefits program. Your employees will thank you for taking care of them when they need it the most, and your team will be healthier and more productive

No, health insurance for employees is not mandatory, but in a post-COVID world, health of their family and themselves is the top worry of everyone. Money spent on health insurance is a small cost compared to the benefits of taking care of your employees physical, mental and financial wellbeing

While in-patient treatment for mental conditions is covered by most insurance plans, Nova facilitates top-class mental health counselling for your employees as an addon with no additional administrative overhead for you


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Best online platform for insurance

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