Our health enhancement programs support everyone

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Women Wellness

From nutrition, fitness, parenting tips and more, all women have our support.
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Behavioral Health

Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression with research-based tips.

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Education on monitoring, emotional triggers, foods, and physical activities.

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Chronic Pain Management

Manage with tips from RDs, mental health professionals, and chronic pain experts.

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Nutrition, fitness, & diabetes experts guide members though self-management.

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Fall Prevention

Build and strengthen balance for all ages with exercises, mindfulness, & education.

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Deliver health and wellness programming to your clients

Bring more value to your clients. Be unique. Leading insurance brokers and consultants rely on Burnalong’s wellness platform to provide a differentiator in the marketplace.With MantraCare, guide members through research based curriculum. Our unique approach includes:
  • Structured curriculum with an educational lesson each week, plus supplementary sessions to support holistic health
  • Ability to add plan-specific content and create custom programs for members
  • Members can schedule their weekly, on-demand classes on the days and times that work best for their schedule
  • Education and support delivered by an interdisciplinary team made up of healthcare professionals
  • Individual member data delivered to care team to track progress

How is MantraCare different?


No integration or setup

Getting started doesn’t have to be a hassle. MantraCare doesn’t require an integration or technical setup. So companies are up and running in hours, not days.


Hospitals & Specialists

Your clients will get detailed reports so they can see what’s working. We also provide helpful insights based on trends we’re seeing (like a spike in prenatal classes in a specific location).


Family included

Provide a unique benefit to everyone covered by your plans — their families are included. Go ahead and help your clients connect with those who motivate them.


Your members are diverse; our programming mirrors that diversity with more than 30,000 live and on-demand classes (with new classes added daily) taught by a growing network of 5,000+ credentialed instructors across 60+ wellness categories.



Configurability by line of business or employer group with programming tailored to each population. We can even host your content and programming.

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More choices

We keep it fresh with new classes added daily. These include classes for those struggling with physical or mental health, disabilities, and chronic conditions.

What does our customer's say?

The company’s MantraCare substance has been a big help for many people from various departments. It has helped cut back on stress, helps them sleep better and can help make sure their families stay healthy as well. We’ve noticed that our reps are amazing at answering all of our questions and setting up the application right away. MantraCare has been a game changer for us in our pandemic response, and will continue to be so for our colleagues working towards the future!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Our comprehensive health and wellness platform is suitable for employee benefit consultants who want to provide a differentiator in the competitive market and bring more value to their clients.

MantraCare is an end-to-end, accessible tool that employee benefit consultants can use to help their clients comply with federal and state regulations in terms of employee health and wellness.

Top employee benefits consultants always go the extra mile to deliver the best results to their clients. MantraCare can help them achieve this goal!

Because employee benefits consultants advise companies on issues related to health plans and other benefits for workers’ wellbeing, they can rely on this health solution to boost employee engagement and optimize their benefits programs.

MantraCare can complement employee benefits consulting services because it helps companies reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, ensure a good level of employee health, and identify targeted solutions for their wellness needs.

In order to support employees’ behavioral health, our programs offer research-based tips for reducing stress, dealing with depression, and managing anxiety.

MantraCare is a comprehensive solution for those who prioritize their employees’ wellbeing and health improvement. We have over 30,000 digital and in-person classes in more than 100 categories, offering a diverse selection of programs.

In addition, our platform offers different reports to help companies and consultants track employees’ performance and determine the level of improvement.

Consultants can also get insights based on the trends we see. It can help them make better wellness decisions. Moreover, our health solution provides a unique benefit for employee benefits plans: families and friends are included.

Everyone may struggle with mental health issues throughout their wellness journey. Therefore, when employers or companies show genuine commitment to mental health, employees feel protected, valued, supported, and confident.

Prioritizing workplace mental health benefits companies by increasing productivity and creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Moreover, improving employees’ mental health can also reduce absenteeism or turnover and lower costs associated with the use of mental health services.

In addition, it has been shown that promoting mental health awareness in the workplace is essential. Since so much time is spent at work, offering mental health benefits can contribute to employee wellbeing while helping companies meet health and safety guidelines.

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