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What is Steps Challenge?

A Steps Challenge is a wellness program where employees are encouraged to engage in physical activity by tracking the number of steps they take each day. It often involves using fitness trackers or smartphone apps to monitor steps and set individual or team goals.

Employees participate in friendly competition, aiming to achieve higher step counts and improve their overall fitness. The challenge promotes a more active lifestyle, enhances employee well-being, fosters team camaraderie, and encourages regular exercise throughout the workday.

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Advantages for your Organisation​

Less Absenteeism
Greater Cooperation
Reduced Stress
Higher Enthusiasm
Improved Efficiency
Higher Endurance
Higher Activity
Better Sleep

How to Setup Steps Challenge with MantraCare?


Build a Team:

Use MantraCare employer dashboard to create a team of five or more employees


Install MantraCare

Install MantraCare app and connect it with fitness trackers such as GoogleFit, Apple health or FitBit


Track Steps:

Employees keep track of their hourly, daily or weekly steps in our app


Win Every Step:

Employees stay updated on the performance with the Leaderboard and team ranking

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Up to 30 users



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Frequently Asked Questions

A Steps Challenge involves employees tracking their daily steps using fitness trackers or smartphone apps. They set goals and compete individually or in teams to achieve higher step counts, promoting a more active lifestyle.

A Steps Challenge promotes physical activity, improves employee health and well-being, boosts energy levels and productivity, fosters team bonding and motivation, and creates a positive workplace culture centered around wellness.

Employers can encourage participation by offering incentives such as rewards, recognition, or prizes for achieving milestones, creating friendly competitions or team challenges, providing education on the benefits of physical activity, and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Absolutely. Steps Challenges can be tailored to accommodate employees with different fitness levels. Providing options for different activities, setting achievable goals, and emphasizing participation rather than competition can make it inclusive for all employees.

Employees keep track of their hourly, daily or weekly steps through MantraCare app

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