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What is Financial Assistance for employees?

Financial assistance for employees refers to various programs or initiatives provided by employers to support their employees in times of financial hardship or unexpected financial challenges. It can include options such as salary advances, emergency loans, financial counseling services, or access to resources for managing personal finances.

The goal is to alleviate financial stress, enhance employee well-being, and ensure employees can meet their financial obligations and maintain their overall financial stability. These assistance programs are designed to provide temporary relief and support employees during difficult financial situations.

financial assistance

How it works?


Take Assessment

Help us to get the needs & goals of employee, so that we connect them with the right assistant.


Match with a Financial Assistant

Match with a Mantra assistant who is available to you via call or chat.


Enroll in the program

Employees get access to fund planning tools, budgeting, and more.

Get Comprehensive Financial Assistance at MantraCare


1. Bankruptcy

Helps employees navigate financial difficulties and develop strategies to avoid bankruptcy.


2. Budgeting

Helps employees create & manage budgets to effectively track & control their spending

Retirement planning

3. Retirement Planning

Comprehensive retirement planning , create a roadmap to secure financial future

Major life event planning

4. Major life event plan

Financial advice & planning for significant life events such as weddings, adoptions, & divorces.

Credit card debt

5. Debt Management

Aids in lowering interest rates & consolidating debt, providing strategies to regain finance control

College fund planning

6. Fund Planning

Assists in developing customized plans to save for events such as child education, buying home, etc.

Why choose Mantra for Financial Assistance?


Decreased HR Costs


Increased ability to communicate & cooperate


Switch financial assistant based on your needs


Decreased stress related illnesses & absenteeism

Customers get positive results with MantraCare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employers can provide financial education resources, workshops, or seminars to enhance employees’ financial literacy. This empowers employees to make informed decisions and manage their finances effectively.

Employers should regularly evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of their financial assistance programs. Gathering feedback from employees, tracking program outcomes, and making necessary adjustments contribute to their long-term success.

Yes, financial assistance programs can enhance employee retention and morale. By supporting their employees’ financial well-being, employers create a positive work environment and demonstrate their commitment to their workforce’s overall success.

Employers can ensure fairness and confidentiality by implementing clear and consistent policies, maintaining strict confidentiality of employee financial information, and treating all applications for assistance with sensitivity and impartiality. Regularly reviewing and updating these policies can help maintain transparency and trust.

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