Reverse your PCOS / PCOD

If you are living with PCOS or PCOD, then you understand the struggles that come with the condition. The good news is that there are treatments available that can help improve your life. You may be in need of PCOD treatment. This is a type of medical treatment that is designed to help women with PCOS get pregnant. It involves prescribing fertility medications and monitoring the patient’s health closely to make sure that they stay healthy during the fertility process.

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Symptoms of PCOS

Missed, irregular, or very light periods
Ovaries that are large or have many cysts
body hair
Excess body hair (hirsutism).
Weight gain, specially around belly
Acne or oily skin

The Science behind PCOS Reversal Approach

heart puzzle

40+ Lifestyle & Environmental Factors Analysed


Personalised Root Cause Assessment


Work with a team of PCOS Experts & Specialists


Continuous Monitoring & Tracking

How it works?

Women Wellness

Share your PCOS case history

Our Health Coach will understand your PCOS history, test reports, symptoms and lifestyle.


Get a free root cause evaluation

According to your symptoms and test reports, our Health Coach will explain to you the root cause of your PCOS.


Learn about our holistic care

Our Health Coach will suggest you a plan personalized for you - to help you manage your PCOS holistically.

What does our customer's say?

The company’s MantraCare substance has been a big help for many people from various departments. It has helped cut back on stress, helps them sleep better and can help make sure their families stay healthy as well. We’ve noticed that our reps are amazing at answering all of our questions and setting up the application right away. MantraCare has been a game changer for us in our pandemic response, and will continue to be so for our colleagues working towards the future!

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