How does Marks & Spencer support their employees in becoming champions for mental health?

Company Size: 73k
Industry: Retail Industry
Headquarters: London

marks spencer

Marks and Spencer, often abbreviated as M&S, is a renowned British multinational retailer with a rich heritage dating back to 1884. Founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer, the company has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality clothing, food, and home products, with a strong presence in the United Kingdom and internationally. Known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Marks and Spencer has earned a reputation for offering exceptional value and reliability to millions of shoppers worldwide


In the retail sector, various types of stressors and daily pressures demand attention. It’s crucial to acknowledge and address these stresses, particularly in understanding the diverse shopping personas and ensuring they don’t negatively impact individuals’ lives. Recognizing the significance of employees comprehending each other’s mental well-being and knowing how to provide support during stressful times, the company initiated the Mental Health Champions training program. This program aims to equip employees with the skills and awareness necessary to support one another effectively amidst stressors encountered in their retail roles.


Addressing these concerns was paramount as employees were facing challenges. The Mental Health Champions training program consisted of five sessions, each lasting three hours, catering to various groups of individuals. Throughout the training, employees delved into various aspects of mental health, including identifying stressors unique to the retail environment and understanding different shopping personas. Practical strategies for managing stress and providing support to colleagues during challenging times were also emphasized.

Moreover, the program instilled a deep appreciation for the importance of early screening and intervention in maintaining mental well-being. By fostering a supportive and empathetic workplace culture, the training empowered employees to recognize signs of distress in themselves and their peers, thereby facilitating early intervention and support.


Following the completion of the training program, employees gained fundamental understanding of various mental health challenges, including their symptoms, and learned effective ways to support colleagues or family members experiencing these challenges. This newfound knowledge significantly improved the perceived well-being of the employees. They are now equipped to recognize and address not only general stress and anxiety but also specific conditions such as different types of anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Additionally, they have gained insight into the development of addiction, fostering a more informed and supportive workplace culture.

Mantracare programs extend beyond mere webinars; they are comprehensive training initiatives.
Each program is meticulously designed to achieve specific objectives and to guarantee that every employee possesses foundational knowledge of well-being. Our approach goes beyond surface-level engagement; we delve deep to ensure that the individual needs of each participant are addressed and fulfilled.

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