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What is Chronic Care Program for Employees?

A Chronic Care Program for Employees is a comprehensive initiative designed to support employees managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. It involves providing resources, education, and personalized support to help employees better understand and manage their conditions. 

The program may include regular check-ins with healthcare professionals, access to disease management tools, support groups, lifestyle coaching, and coordination of care. The goal is to improve employee health outcomes, enhance self-management skills, reduce healthcare costs, and promote a supportive and inclusive work environment for individuals with chronic conditions.

Employee Assistance Program
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Benefits of our Chronic Care Program

Our doctors/ experts treat chronic illness through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and medication. Our treatment experience is a better traditional in-person approach in multiple ways:


Dedicated health coach

Daily support and answers to chronic illness questions are just a message away


Continuous supervision

Continuous medical supervision


Patient community

A private, opt-in forum for support from others suffering from illness


Expert care at our home

MantraCare is online—no waiting rooms, just on-demand care at home

How We Cure Chronic Illness?​



Our in-house nutritionists and dieticians help you maintain the right weight and food habits. Their services go hand in hand with the medications to help you achieve better results.



We provide fitness training and counselling to help patients manage insulin levels, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.


Stress Management

We undertake psychological evaluation and conduct patient-education, skills-development and motivation through counseling, as well as relaxation techniques.


1-1 Live Coaching

1-1 Live Coaching with world-class health coaches at your home


Precision Care

We customize health care by tailoring testing, decisions and treatments to the individual.


Preventive Care

With regular check-ups and timely intervention, we help you prevent chronic illness and the their complications.

Why choose Mantra for Chronic Illness?


Affordable, Anonymous, & Convenient


Suit yourself with Chat, Video and Phone option


Switch experts based on your preferences


Holistic care with yoga, meditation and self care tools

Customers get positive results with MantraCare

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Chronic Care Program aims to support employees managing chronic health conditions by providing resources, education, and personalized support to improve their health outcomes and overall well-being.

Chronic Care Programs can cover a wide range of health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease, chronic pain, mental health disorders, and other long-term conditions that require ongoing management and care.

Employees can access the resources and support of a Chronic Care Program through various channels such as dedicated healthcare professionals, online platforms, telehealth services, workshops, educational materials, and personalized care plans tailored to their specific needs.

Privacy and confidentiality are critical considerations in a Chronic Care Program. Employers should ensure that employee health information is handled with strict adherence to privacy regulations and that employees feel comfortable sharing their health information within the program.

Yes, a well-designed Chronic Care Program can help reduce healthcare costs by promoting early intervention, effective disease management, and preventive measures. By supporting employees in managing their chronic conditions, it can lead to fewer complications, hospitalizations, and healthcare expenses for both employees and employers.

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