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Unlimited doctor consultations

Almost every employee needs to visit a doctor once in a few months. But your insurance doesn’t cover these visits. Consulting doctors at the right time leads to early disease detection, faster recovery, and better health.


Network of 2500+ doctors from the top hospitals


Video consultations to ensure prompt diagnosis and recovery


In-person consultations for cases that need physical visits


Pricing starts at just ₹599/employee/yr

Personal therapists & mental wellness tools

Stress and anxiety is the biggest contributor to health issues. Help your employees thrive in these trying times.


Access to experienced therapists


100+ evidence based exercises using techniques like CBT and mindfulness


Round the clock access to an empathetic and anonymous AI coach


Costs just ₹399/employee/yr

health checkups

Routine Health Checkups

Annual preventive health-checkups help in diagnosing conditions at an early stage and preventing complications related to them.


Comprehensive blood workup


Test includes blood counts, liver function tests, kidney function tests, lipid profile, Blood sugar profile, thyroid profile, routine examination of urine and vitamin deficiency.


At home blood sample collection for your convenience


Pricing starts at just ₹399/employee/yr

More than 1,000 5-star reviews

I can text my therapist whenever I want to. He is available almost 24/7.
There are tons of stress relieving and coping exercises. They come handy when feeling low.


Health benefits are add-ons that are opted-for by a company for their employees. While there are several add-ons available, most companies go for OPD consultation, annual health checkups and mental wellness support over and above their cover.

All benefits can be accessed by your employees through the Plum app. All they need is to login using their id and they can navigate, explore and use benefits directly through their dashboard.

Add-ons can be easily added to your cover after the purchase as well. You can get in touch with our team and they will assist you in adding these extra benefits.

No, all these add-on plans are heavily negotiated and offered exclusively for Plum clients on corporate purchases only.

Each add-on benefit is charged on a per member basis. As a result, even though we strongly recommend providing similar benefits to the entire team, we can definitely help you set up benefits for select employees.


Get Insurance

Best online platform for insurance

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