Mantra Care Corporation recognizes that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and data created, maintained and hosted by us are vital to the success of the business and privacy of our partners.

As a service provider/product, we understand the importance in providing clear information about our security practices, tools, resources and responsibilities within Mantra Care Corporation so that our customers can feel confident in choosing us as a trusted provider.

This Security Posture highlights high-level details about our steps to identify and mitigate risks, implement best practices, and continuously develop ways to improve.


SOC Type 2 SOC Type II
ISO 27001 ISO 27001:2013


SOC Type 2 SOC 2 Type II Report

Penetration Test Report Penetration Test Report


Infrastructure Security Infrastructure Security

Yes  Service infrastructure maintained
Yes  Intrusion detection system utilized
Yes  Database replication utilized

Organizational Security Organizational Security

Yes  Acknowledged by contractors
Yes  Acknowledged by employees
Yes  Asset disposal procedures utilized

Product Security Product Security

Yes  Penetration testing performed
Yes  Data encryption utilized
Yes  Data transmission encrypted

Internal Security Procedures Internal Security Procedures

Yes  Vulnerabilities scanned & corrected
Yes  Backup processes established
Yes  Roles and responsibilities specified

Data and Privacy Data and Privacy

Yes  Privacy policy established
Yes  Customer data deleted upon leave
Yes  Customer data retained

Data collected

Employee personally identifiable information

Customer personally identifiable information

Credit card information

Personal health information

The Trust Report is empowered by Mantracare. Mantracare is an advanced solution that detects security vulnerabilities and privacy gaps within a company’s security framework. It accomplishes this by establishing connections with essential systems to maintain continuous monitoring of an organization’s cloud infrastructure, endpoints, corporate protocols, enterprise risk, and employee accounts.

Countless rapidly expanding companies place their trust in Mantracare to automate their security monitoring and compliance processes.

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