Elevate Employee Wellness With Fitness Program Providers

Employee Fitness Program Providers

If you are tired of watching your employees drag themselves to work day after day, lacking the motivation and energy to perform at their best, then it’s time to take action and invest in your employees’ wellness. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of employee wellness programs and explore the benefits of investing in your employees’ health and happiness. We’ll also highlight the top employee fitness program providers, so you can find the best fit for your team. So, get ready to ignite a spark of excitement and energy in your workplace!

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What Are Employee Fitness Programs?

Employee Fitness ProgramsImagine your team feeling motivated, energized, and fully engaged in their work, all while achieving better health and wellness. What will be end result? A workplace culture that prioritizes well-being, and in turn, boosts productivity, reduces absenteeism, and enhances overall job satisfaction. 

Thus, an employee fitness program is a wellness initiative designed to promote physical activity and healthy habits among your team. These programs can include a range of activities, from gym memberships and fitness challenges to wellness programs and health screenings. And talking about why you need it, for that, you have to keep on reading.

List of Employee Fitness Program Ideas That Work

Now that you have a good idea of the benefits of a fitness program and some astonishing statistics, let’s discover some fitness program ideas to improve employee health and benefit your organization.

Healthy Snack Options

Provide healthy snack optionProviding good nutrition in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee health and well-being. By doing so, employers can help their staff make healthier choices. 

Here are some ideas for promoting healthy eating in the workplace:

  • Vending machines with healthy snacks: Swap out sugary and high-calorie snacks with healthier options like nuts, fruit, and granola bars.
  • Cafeteria offerings with no added sugars: Offer healthier options in the cafeteria by including items like salads, grilled chicken, and roasted vegetables.
  • Decaffeinated coffee and caffeine-free beverages: Provide alternative drink options like herbal tea and caffeine-free beverages.
  • Special discounts for healthier food choices: Encourage employees to make healthier choices by offering discounts on healthier options.
  • Designed healthy eating day: Host a healthy eating day where employees can cook and bring in their own healthy recipes to share with colleagues.
  • Meat-free Monday: Consider implementing a meat-free day to provide additional options and educate employees on the benefits of consuming more vegetables.

Walking Meetings

Integrate physical activity into work routines with walking meetings which can provide a refreshing change of scenery and help employees get their blood pumping to boost employee health and productivity.

Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges can be a fun and engaging way to promote physical activity among your team. You can create challenges around steps taken, miles walked, or even time spent exercising each week. This can help to create a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie among your team members.

Empower Your Team with Financial Education

By providing financial education to your employees, you can help them take control of their finances and improve their overall well-being, both in and out of the workplace. And with improved financial wellness comes reduced stress, increased engagement, and a more motivated and productive workforce.

Flexible Working Hours & Arrangements

Taking care of your team’s well-being is essential for a healthy and productive workplace. One way to do this is by allowing flexible working hours. Consider offering work-from-home arrangements, as studies have shown that they increase employee satisfaction, reduce stress, and boost productivity.

By giving your team the flexibility to manage their time and work from home, even if only occasionally, you can help them achieve a better work-life balance and feel happier in their roles.

Corporate Gym Memberships

Corporate gym membershipsOffering fitness programs to your team doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice their overall well-being. In fact, these programs can be designed to cater to their specific physical health needs. Provide gym memberships to help improve your team’s physical health and wellness and promote a culture of well-being in the workplace.

Best Employee Fitness Program Providers

MantraCare offers customized virtual consultations with experienced trainers to deliver effective corporate fitness programs quickly. They tailor the program to each client’s specific needs and use technology to deliver it remotely. The experienced trainers provide guidance and support to keep employees motivated and engaged.

Corporate Fitness Works develops customized wellness and fitness solutions for its clients. They work closely with each client to understand their needs and goals, and then tailor a program to meet those requirements. Their services include fitness assessments, wellness coaching, and nutrition counseling, all aimed at improving employee health and well-being.

One-Stop Wellness designs corporate fitness programs for employees that can be conducted at work or nearby locations during lunch breaks. They work with each client to create a program that is convenient and accessible, with the aim of increasing participation rates. One-Stop Wellness offers fitness classes, wellness coaching, and nutrition counseling, all aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees.

Solutions Fitness aims to help organizations improve their corporate culture through its corporate wellness programs. They work with each client to create a program that not only improves employee health and well-being but also creates a positive and supportive work environment. Their services include fitness classes, wellness coaching, and nutrition counseling, all aimed at improving employee health and well-being.

Exos focuses on building corporate fitness programs that are engaging, functional, and sustainable for their client’s workforce throughout the years. They work with each client to develop a program that meets the specific needs and goals of their employees. Exos offers fitness classes, wellness coaching, and nutrition counseling, all aimed at improving employee health and well-being. They also offer technology solutions to track progress and provide feedback, increasing motivation and engagement.

Benefits of Employee Fitness Programs

Before diving in, let’s take a closer look at how these employee fitness program providers can help improve the well-being of your workforce and drive business success.

These employee fitness program providers can offer a range of benefits for both employees and employers. Here are some of the key advantages:

Increased Productivity

Encouraging employees to participate in fitness programs can improve their productivity at work.  Therefore, you can ask them to do regular exercise which can make a positive impact on cognitive function leading to increased engagement and focus and can break up lengthy sitting periods, which may lead to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

Improved Employee Morale

Investing in employee fitness program providers may be just the solution you need to boost employee morale and create a positive work environment.

Improved Health

By prioritizing employee health and wellness, employers can create a positive work culture and foster engagement, leading to long-term success for the company. 

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Investing in employee fitness programs is not only beneficial for the health of your workforce but also for the financial health of your business. Investing in fitness programs that educate employees can reduce healthcare costs and boost the overall financial health of their organization.

Generate a Sense of Unity

Encouraging employees to participate in team-based fitness activities and programs can prove to be a powerful tool for enhancing camaraderie and improving overall teamwork within an organization. 

Did you know that the cost of lost productivity due to poor employee health in the US is estimated to be around $575 billion per year? Shocking, isn’t it? And that’s not all. Next up are some of the most amazing stats that will help you understand the importance of employees’ fitness: 

Corporate Fitness Statistics

mental healthMental Health Statistics

  • According to recent research, 30% of workers strongly agreed that a company’s support for mental health would play a significant role in their decision to accept or reject a job offer.
  • 71% of employees reported that they believe their employers are more focused on mental health support than in previous years. 
  • A staggering 82% of workers who have been diagnosed with a mental illness do not inform their workplace managers about their condition due to concerns about negative impacts on their careers. 

Physical Health Statistics

  • Interestingly, 78% of employees would be more likely to use their company gym if their employer-provided one. 
  • 60% of employees report musculoskeletal pain, caused in part by 11-hour sedentary workdays, leading to reduced productivity and job satisfaction.

Why Consider Employee Fitness Program?

  • Successful wellness programs lead to 18% fewer sick days and 26% lower health costs.
  • Burnout leads to job seeking (2.6x), sick days (63%), and ER visits (23%), per APA.


In conclusion, prioritizing the health and wellness of employees is essential in the fast-paced tech industry. At MantraCare, we understand the importance of promoting physical and mental well-being to maintain a healthy workforce. That’s why we’ve implemented our own employee fitness program, offering a range of activities such as yoga, meditation, and on-site gym access.

Employee wellness programs are the key to improving employee motivation, productivity, and retention. At MantraCare, we have a team of health experts, counselors, and coaches who serve corporate employees with 10+ wellbeing programs including EAP, Employee Diabetes Reversal, Corporate MSK, Employee Fitness, Corporate Yoga, and Employee meditation.


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