17 Creative Ways To Reward Your Employees For Better Productivity

ways to reward employees

Engaging, recognizing, and rewarding employees are critical aspects of successful business management. It isn’t just about paychecks. There’s so much more to it. Ever wondered about the different ways to reward employees? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive right into it!

Understanding the Importance of Rewarding Employees

Understanding the Importance of Rewarding EmployeesYou see when you reward your employees effectively, it does more than just make them feel good. Rewarding employees goes beyond the simple act of giving—it is about fostering a culture where hard work, dedication, and success are acknowledged and valued. It’s about building a workforce that is not just productive, but also committed, engaged, and motivated.

  • Motivation and Productivity
    Rewards are potent motivators. When employees know their efforts are recognized and valued, they are naturally inclined to put in more effort, boosting productivity. It could be as simple as a word of appreciation or as significant as a bonus or promotion. Either way, rewards tell employees that their hard work does not go unnoticed.
  • Employee Retention
    In a competitive job market, retaining top talent can be a challenge. Rewarding employees can significantly enhance retention rates. When employees feel appreciated, they develop a sense of loyalty towards the organization, reducing the likelihood of them seeking opportunities elsewhere.
  • Job Satisfaction
    Rewards can enhance job satisfaction. Financial rewards increase the sense of being fairly compensated, while non-financial rewards such as recognition or development opportunities contribute to an employee’s overall sense of worth and fulfillment. Satisfied employees are not just happier; they’re more productive too.
  • Company Culture and Branding
    Lastly, an effective reward system shapes the culture of an organization. A company that rewards its employees is seen as caring and appreciative, leading to a positive working environment. Externally, it helps build a positive brand image, making the organization more attractive to potential employees and customers alike.

What Are The Best Ways To Reward Employees?

What Are The Best Ways To Reward Employees_Now that we’ve understood the importance of rewarding employees, let’s shift gears and delve into the most effective and appreciated ways of rewarding employees. Read on to find out about 17 creative ways to reward your employees!

Personalized Appreciation Notes: Sometimes, a heartfelt note recognizing an employee’s contributions can mean more than a generic ‘thank you’. Make it personal and meaningful.

Surprise Day-Off: Offer a surprise day off or a ‘leave early’ pass. This unexpected break can boost their morale and make them feel valued.

Fitness Memberships: Promote a healthy lifestyle by offering gym memberships or yoga class subscriptions. It’s an excellent way to show that you care about their well-being.

Flexible Work Hours: Allow employees to choose their working hours occasionally. The flexibility can help them balance work and personal life better.

Create a Wall of Fame: Dedicate a space in the office to celebrate achievements. Recognize employees by adding their names and accomplishments to the ‘Wall of Fame’.

Personal Development Courses: Sponsor personal development courses that might not be directly related to their job but contribute to their overall growth.

Unique Experiences: Think about unique experiences like cooking classes, skydiving, or spa days. These fun rewards can create memorable moments for employees.

Office Perks: Improvements in the workplace, like a better coffee machine, comfy chairs, or updated technology, can also act as a reward.

Birthdays Off: Everyone should feel special on their birthday. Give your employees the day off to celebrate their special day.

Personalized Gifts: Consider gifting books, merchandise, or equipment that aligns with your employee’s interests.

Social Shout-outs: Publicly praise your employees on your company’s social media pages. It’s a modern way to recognize their efforts.

Volunteer Opportunities: Give your employees paid time off to volunteer for a cause they care about.

Theme Days: Hosting theme days, such as ’80s Day or ‘Pajama Day’, can bring fun and enjoyment to the workplace.

Host a Team Building Retreat: Organizing an out-of-office retreat can be a fantastic way to reward your team while fostering closer relationships. This could be an opportunity for employees to unwind and bond with their peers.

Professional Development Workshops: Invest in workshops that can help employees hone their skills. It could be leadership training, software coding, or a communication skills workshop.

Work From Home Privileges: For some, the option to work from home occasionally can be a rewarding break from the daily commute and office environment. It can improve work-life balance and increase overall job satisfaction.

Create a Relaxing Break Room: Enhance your office break room with amenities like a coffee maker, comfortable seating, games, or even a massage chair. A comfortable break room can make a huge difference to employees’ workdays and can act as a subtle reward.


In the ever-evolving corporate world, how we reward employees has a direct impact on their engagement, motivation, and overall productivity. Recognizing and appreciating their efforts through creative rewards not only boosts their morale but also enhances job satisfaction, paving the way for a thriving business.

As we wrap up, it’s essential to highlight that one of the most impactful ways to reward employees is through wellness programs. Employee wellness programs are the key to improving employee motivation, productivity, and retention. At MantraCare, we have a team of health experts, counselors, and coaches who serve corporate employees with 10+ wellbeing programs including EAP, Employee Diabetes Reversal, Corporate MSK, Employee Fitness, Corporate Yoga, and Employee meditation.

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